Our workshop is one of the best opportunities to photograph birds of prey under controlled conditions. Against a backdrop of natural foliage in Muskoka, the photographer is free to roam and photograph the birds at close range with beautiful bokeh backgrounds.   Our master falconers will then lead the small group into the fields to photograph the birds as they wait on picturesque perches and then take flight to the handler.  

3 hour workshops are limited to a maximum of 10 participants, minimum of 5.  

Suggested lens lengths are 70-200mm and/or 100-400mm



Email laurie.schutt@gmail.com to inquire about cost and / or to register.

For photo related questions, please email missy@missymandel.ca


Species: Turkey Vulture                                Gyr Falcon                                    Great Horned Owl

               Red Tail Hawk                                Prairie Gyr Falcon                         Eurasian Eagle Owl

               Ferruginous Hawk                          Lanner Falcon                               Spectacled Owl 

               Harris Hawk                                    American Kestrel                          Tawny Owl

               Snowy Owl                                     Great Gray Owl                             Chaco Owl

               Black Vulture                                  Boobook Owl                                 Great Horned Owl